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St Leonards and St Ives Parish Home Watch

Home Watch

Home Watch or Neighbourhood Watch schemes are nationwide voluntary community partnerships where neighbours come together, along with the police and local partners, to build safe and friendly communities. But it is not about curtain twitching - members of a Watch work together to reduce criminal activity and anti-social behaviour whilst building a community spirit. Far from replacing or doing the work of the local police, a Watch merely seeks to provide a service that complements their work. To learn about the Watch schemes in the UK www.ourwatch.org.uk

Our Home Watch scheme works in partnership with, and, has the support of the Dorset Police Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT). www.facebook.com/dorsetpolice/

Our key objectives, in partnership with Dorset police; are to strive for a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour; increase awareness of security; encourage neighbourliness and closer communities. Ideally we would like 100% membership and it is our aim to continuously work towards achieving this goal.

We rely on volunteers who work as street coordinators, they distribute quarterly newsletters, annual traders lists and collect annual subs of £2 per household. They will also try to resolve problems and give advice or provide onward referrals.

Our members can opt to receive Dorset Alert messages by either email or telephone. These messages are sent out by our NPT and typically warn of incidents and problems that are occurring in the area.

So if you live in our Parish and you are not already a member of Home Watch, please join us

Home Watch Video

This short video demonstrates Home Watch in action and was produced on behalf of this Watch and others in the area - if you want to know more contact us.